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Shane Filan Live in Concert
Shane Filan will present his first solo concert at The Coliseum™, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa on 10 March.

Filan debuted in 1999 as the lead singer and front-man of the well-loved boyband, Westlife. The band enjoyed a successful career where they sold 44 million records worldwide, scored 14 chart-topping singles and four gargantuan homecoming shows in Dublin's Croke Park before their spilt in 2011.

Following the international success of Westlife, Filan embarked on his solo career in 2013 and released his first album, 'You and Me'. In 2015, he released his sophomore album, 'Right Here', where Filan co-wrote two-thirds of the songs. His third and latest album, 'Love Always' (2017), featured Filan's favorite all-time love ballads such as Bryan Adams' "Heaven" and Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love" . It also included "Beautiful in White", the unreleased track which is South East Asia's most requested wedding song with a video that has garnered over 70 million views.

Join Shane Filan as he brings you his hits such as "Beautiful In White", "This I Promise You", "Uptown Girl", "Flying Without Wings", "Everything To Me", "About You" and many more.
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6 Feb 2018, 10am
Approximately 60 mintues - 75 minutes
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Rating / Age Limit
  • No admission for infants in arms and children below 12 years old
  • Children 12 years and above must purchase a ticket for entry
  • Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance
Photography / Video Recording Rules
  • No Flash Photography, Video recording and Audio recording is permitted for this event
Liu San Jie, The Musical 刘三姐 彩调歌舞剧
来临的3月24日,广西戏剧院彩调剧团将于名胜世界™剧场, 新加坡圣淘沙名胜世界呈献中国经典彩调歌舞剧《刘三姐》。 该剧取材于壮族歌仙刘三姐的传说故事,以对自由和幸福生活的追求为主题,讲述了刘三姐为了维护人生的自由和尊严,以山歌进行顽强抗争的故事,成功塑造了勤劳善良、美丽聪敏、真率泼辣、能歌善舞的刘三姐形象。 彩调歌舞剧《刘三姐》多次受到不同国家领导人如毛泽东以及艺术名家梅兰芳等的赞赏。50多年来,经过广西一代代 "刘三姐" 倾情演绎,彩调歌舞剧 《刘三姐》已经成为了广西形象的代表,成了中外交流的友好大使,享誉全国、蜚声世界。
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《姐姐爱你》谢金燕巡回演唱会新加坡站 "Sister Loves You" Jeannie Hsieh Concert Tour in Singapore
"姐姐" 谢金燕将于新加坡圣淘沙名胜世界会议中心™, 名胜世界宴会厅呈献她在新加坡的首场演唱会,"《姐姐爱你》谢金燕巡回演唱会新加坡站"。 出道于1989年,谢金燕是近期台湾堪称最具叫座力的女歌手。她大胆新颖的歌曲融入了电音及嘻哈元素,是台语流行音乐界里不从尝试过的曲风。加上服装、道具、舞蹈的配合与效应,谢金燕跳脱出语言的限制,打破公众对台语歌曲的刻板印象。动静皆宜的谢金燕分别凭着舞曲专辑《呛声》和抒情专辑《月弯弯》夺得第18届及第23届台湾金曲奖最佳台语女歌手奖。她多首歌曲至今仍广受男女老少的喜爱,传唱度最高的便是在2013发行的国语舞曲,"姐姐"。歌曲成功地唱响了她独创的风格,让谢金燕名声大噪,红遍亚洲,奠定了她台语电音天后的地位。 来临的3月31日,别错过谢金燕电力十足,热力四射的精彩演出!
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Event Date
Sat, 10 Mar 2018 8pm
Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)
Standard: S$138, S$118 (Free Standing)
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