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After 3 rounds of super funny shows across India and shows in Malaysia and England (only one show in London, but still ra) - Baggy's KungFu Bonda is coming to Singapore. Come check it out!

Meet Baggy aka Bhargav Ramakrishanan!

After his resounding and questionable success in his 20s, Baggy enters the next decade of his life and with that comes his brand new stand-up solo show. This is what he has to say: ''I moved out of home. I hosted a show on Vijay TV. I'm building a flat of my own. I filed my taxes. I joined the gym. I quit the gym. I got a girlfriend. I became a little viral. I got a little famous. I got disappointed that I didn't get more famous. I got my hair styled, not cut, mind you, styled. I went shopping for crockery. I was the best man at my best friend's wedding. I am cooking and cleaning and washing and ironing on my own. I ran a marathon. No I didn't. But I did rejoin the gym????. I am planning the bachelor party for another best friend's wedding. Ass****s are all getting married. Basically I turned 30 and I plan on becoming a comic, quite literally. Living life, one strip at a time and squeezing the joke out of every situation. This cartoon of my existence I can't wait to share with all of you, so get ready.''


Start Sales Date

14 Apr 2018, 9am

Other Channels:
14 Apr 2018, 10am




Approximately 1 hour 40 minutes

Promoter Name
Purple Aura Productions

Rating / Age Limit

  • No admission for infants in arms and children below 16 years old
  • Children 16 years and above must purchase ticket for entry
  • Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance
  • Rating : TBC

Photography / Video Recording Rules

  • No Photography, Video recording and Audio recording is permitted for this event

Through All SISTIC Channels
S$5 Discount for Early Bird
[Valid till 14 May 2018]

Event Date
Sat, 16 Jun 2018


Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)

Standard: S$55, S$40

Seating Plan